Pupils Activity Pack initiated by the Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport (DCMS)
Getting to Know Gigabit is a research package designed to capture the experiences and awareness of connectivity through the eyes of rural and hard to reach communities.

The aim: to develop an understanding of the impacts of improved internet speed for schools and their community by capturing insights from pupils.
The approach: a 4 part activity series with primary pupils to gather data on their experiences with broadband. These activities will be actioned as homework activities facilitated by the class teacher. Children will assume the roles of Researcher, Engineer, Designer and Communicator.

The output: these research activities have been designed in collaboration with rural educators and will result in data which will show how schools and pupils are benefiting from broadband upgrade using their own words through written language recorded words and visuals created by them.
I worked collaboratively with the researcher Marion Lean to create a visual environment and engagement materials to explore use cases for internet and connectivity needs. This included gender-neutral characters for pupils to identify with.

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